Companies of all sizes know how important it is to offer workplace education and training to employees. Consulting firms are not an exception.

First and foremost, the legal profession is unique in that it requires lawyers to stay current on new legislation as well as applicable practices. Through various methods of updating such as internal education or training programs, the members of consulting firms will acquire further knowledge or skill to improve their performance. In addition, the members of consulting firms could also take advantage of providing business law updates as an additional service to their clients.

Furthermore, when a firm creates a workplace education and training program, it brings with it an increased consistency at the company. All employees will be on the same page, have nearly the same skills as each other, and have somewhat consistent background knowledge. This is especially important when it comes to safety, administrative and discrimination policies at the company. Regular training sessions on these policies will ensure that everyone is on the same page.

For ATIM, the value of an enterprise is assessed by the values ​​it creates for people and for society. In that spirit, besides providing customers with the best services, ATIM constantly strives to create values ​​that are truly useful to the community. One of the values that ATIM want to create ​​is to share experiences that previous people have gained and hope that can partly help the next generation to visualize and orientate their way to become a lawyer.