Dispute cost time, money and cause parties involved exhausted. Thus, nobody wants disputes. When a dispute occurs, it can negatively affect relations between the parties. If the dispute is large, it can cause damage to property, assets and even turn business people into criminals. Disputes are often hidden and ready to occur at any time. Preventing and limiting the damage when a dispute does occur is the goal of ATIM LAW FIRM's disputes resolution services.

Avoiding the damage of disputes begins early. We are ready to support clients with risk management from the beginning to the end of each transaction. We advise on the structure, draft and review agreements between parties related to the transaction, and directly participate in the negotiations to achieve the best deal.

If things progress to an actual dispute, we provide our clients with the most effective solutions, from the collection and creation of documents and evidentiary submissions to the appointment of the most experienced lawyers to accompany clients in the dispute resolution process including the court, arbitration or mediation proceeding.

We offer the following disputes resolution services:

  • Business disputes, including commercial contract or loan contract or construction contract disputes, disputes related to tax issues, product liability.
  • Corporate and M&A disputes, including shareholder disputes, disputes arising out of shareholder agreements, joint venture agreements, post-mergers and acquisitions disputes.
  • Employment disputes, including disputes arising out of employment agreements, collective labor agreements, and dismission. 
  • Civil disputes between private parties, including civil contract disputes, land disputes, division of property, succession, and marriage disputes.


  • We guarantee to provide quality legal services appropriate for the service fees paid by our clients.
  • we guarantee absolute confidentiality of all information provided by our clients before, during and after the completion of the services.
  • We guarantee legal advice in compliance with the laws and belief in the truth provided by our clients.
  • We guarantee to mobilize all international and domestic knowledge, hands-on experience, relationships accumulated during the practice of the company's leading lawyers and partners to conscientiously handle our clients’ cases.
  • We guarantee research, evaluation and proposal of initial solutions from the information and documents provided by our clients free of charge until a legal services agreement is signed.
  • We guarantee to research, evaluate and propose initial solutions and offer services quotation as well as legal services agreement within 3 days from the date of receiving information from our clients.
  • We guarantee a clear-cut and accommodating fee policy to satisfy our clients’ demands for managing legal costs from the beginning.
  • We guarantee to plan in detail, report and update results regularly and promptly throughout the service process and at any time upon our clients’ request.