M&A is complicated business process involved huge effort of multi-stakeholders. In a M&A deal, the professional work always take an important role in the whole decision making process and contribute to the deal success. Vietnam is an emerging but immature market, therefore although the M&A market is huge but very highly competitive. The lawyer and business adviser who know best this market will definitely able to support the deal. At ATIM, we offer the legal service to support M&A process cover the following job:

  • Deal structure
  • Deal financing arrangement
  • Due diligence
  • SPA draft and negotiation
  • M&A process execution
  • Deal closing

Notable Engagement

  • Support Mr. Tram Be to acquire the real estable project from Big C An Lac in 2010
  • Support Amand Land to acquire Sing Viet City Project value of 300 millions USD from Singaporean Investor in 2010