We provide Strategic Consulting and Fund Raising Services to entrepreneurs and companies that are expanding or starting up their businesses which may involve merger and acquisition, large capital expenditure and/or Greenfield projects.

Our scope of services includes:

  • Evaluate business risk and financial risk under alternative growth scenarios.
  • Advise on shareholder value creation strategy considering available financial resources.
  • Review Business Plans and prepare financial models.
  • Draft Private Placement Memorandum.
  • Prepare Term-Sheets, setting main terms and conditions of debt or equity placement.
  • Select investors/lenders to be contacted/ Assist in roadshow.
  • Assist in due diligence, merger and acquisition process.
  • Negotiate Term-Sheets with investors/lenders.
  • Signing of legal documentation with selected investors/lenders and Closing.

Our pipeline deals

We are currently working on the strategic consulting and fund raising advisory deals for companies in education, clean technology, fintech, real estate development and retail industries.