ATIM Consulting is providing clients with unique solutions to improve their value chain, from strategy development, financial resources mobilization, international trade risk mitigation, return on investment maximization to global wealth management. Especially, our Canada Hub Solutions services help leading industry players and entrepreneurs with global mindset expand globally through Canada gateway. Our focused consulting teams comprising of industry experts and finance experts with aggregate over 20 years’ experience have been effectively working with clients in target industries such as education, solar energy, textile & garment, agriculture product export, IT, tourism and services to support them in expanding global markets and improving global supply chain management system.

As a member of ATIM Group, we have been working closely with ATIM Law Firm for the past 12 years, together achieving remarkable results in various consulting projects.

We are proud of being a Client’s choice for high-quality services and results-oriented performance.


The International Investment and Wealth Management Consulting Firm


We seek to be the partner of choice for innovative and workable solutions that help Clients expand globally and improve global supply chain management system.

  • Creating competitive advantages through unique solutions
  • Building capabilities and mobilizing networks
  • Driving sustainable development
  • Providing opportunities for personal growth
  • Succeeding together with passion and trust


One Team One Vision

A Team A providing class A of quality service

T Trusted business partner

I Integrity in all provided solution

M Mastery in global practice



ATIM Consulting’s strength lies in its consultants’ diversified and in-depth expertise, ranging from commercial & investment banking, corporate accounting & finance, sales & marketing, law practice to general management and human resources development, with their practical knowledge of various industries and working exposure both domestically and internationally. Most of them have earned master degrees from reputable international universities and have been working in large international corporations and financial institutions in Vietnam and overseas.


ATIM Consulting maintains close relationships with a network of international senior consultants, who have an average of over 20 years of experience working for large multi-national corporations, financial institutions and prestigious universities worldwide.


Beside the full time consultant team, for each particular project, we can involve the most appropriate specialist from our network of more than 40 consultants to ensure the highest service quality for our clients.