Nowadays, many successful business owners are diversifying their investment portfolio in both domestic and overseas markets, which results in the need for professional wealth management services.

We provide wealth management services with the following scope of work:

  • Integrated financial planning: including budget review & analysis, cashflow modelling, financial risk assessment & insurance planning, investment allocation assessment, will and estate document review.
  • Tax planning helps clients foresee all the tax payable for their entire investment portfolio globally.
  • Investment management: including asset allocation and tax-aware investing strategy.
  • Trust services: allow clients to place their assets in a trust account for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries who are often family members, but can also be a friend or a favorite charity. We will serve as a main trustee and work with suitable co-trustees to administer the trust, manage clients’ assets and distribute income or principal to the beneficiaries according to the terms of the trust agreement. At initial stage, we can act as clients’ administrator to prepare consolidated financial report for the entire investment portfolio, assisting clients in managing their investment in efficient way. We will also train/educate the designated family members on managing the family’s assets. 
  • Estate planning: we help clients build estate plans that are in line with their priorities (education for their children, lifestyle and charity). We also work closely with clients’ attorney to reflect clients’ wishes in estate documents.

Working with ATIM’s wealth management team, Clients are able:

  • To develop strategies for multiple-generation wealth transfer with optimum tax costs/ fair legacy distribution
  • To happily retire with designed lifestyle in early days
  • To well develop and implement the cashflow plan in short, medium and long term
  • To have tools for decision making in critical situation (business expansion/ downsizing, investment portfolio restructuring, change in management)
  • Grow assets, properties, businesses and human capital within and beyond the CLIENTS’ families as desired.
  • Contribute to society via foundation (majority or minority owned)  for philanthropy 
  • Optimum risk management structure (considering multiple factors – health, family issues, market, resources).