Vietnam – Imposing temporary anti-dumping measure on some types of tables and chairs from Malysia and the People’s Republic of China

General information

1. Type of case: Anti-dumping

2. Case No.: AD16

3. Initiated Country: Vietnam

4. Respondent(s): Malaysia and the People’s Republic of China

5. Subject Product: Some types of tables and chairs from Malaysia and the People’s Republic of China

6. HS code: 9401.30.00, 9401.40.00, 9401.61.00, 9401.69.90, 9401.71.00, 9401.79.90, 9401.80.00, 9401.90.40, 9401.90.92, 9401.90.99, 9403.30.00, 9403.60.90, 9403.90.90.


On September 01, 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (“MOIT”) issued Decision No. 2091/QD-BCT regarding the investigation of the application of anti-dumping measures on several tables and chair products derived from the People’s Republic of China and Malaysia.

Initially, the MOIT scrutinized and assessed the impact of dumping behavior involving the subject product on domestic manufacture, and the dumping margin of the Malaysian and Chinese manufacturing and exporting enterprises. The preliminary investigation result indicates that:

  • Regarding the table and chair products from Malaysia, despite the existence of dumping, since the proportion of goods investigated is insignificant (less than 3%), in light of Clause 3 Article 78 of Law on Foreign Trade Management, the subject product from Malaysia is excluded from the scope of application of the provisional anti-dumping measure.
  • Regarding the table and chair products from China, the dumping margin was determined from 21.4% to 35.2% and the import volume of the subject product increased in both absolute and relative terms compared to domestic consumption and the quantity of like-product from domestic manufacture, which is the primary factor behind the substantial detriment to the domestic industry.

Consequently, based on the investigation result, on September 30, 2022, the MOIT issued Decision No. 1991/QD-BCT regarding the application of temporary anti-dumping measure on Subject Product. Accordingly, the anti-dummping tax rate imposed on the Subject Product from China is 21,4% for the products of chair and 35,2% for the products of the table.

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