Vietnam - Second annual review regarding some China’s aluminum products

General information:

1. Type of case: Anti-dumping

2. Case No.: AR02.AD05

3. Initiated Country: Vietnam

4. Respondent(s): Xingfa group

5. Subject Product: Aluminum and aluminum products, alloy or non-alloy, in bars, rods and shapes originating from China

6. HS Code: 7604.10.10, 7604.10.90, 7604.21.90, 7604.29.10, 7604.29.90

Updated procedure:

On April 20, 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (“MOIT”) issued Decision No. 1282/QD-BCT on the result of the first review of the application of anti-dumping measures on the Subject Product. Accordingly, the anti-dumping tax rate for Chinese manufacturing and exporting enterprises is currently at 4.39% - 35.58%.

After a year of imposing the above-mentioned tax rate, oApril 20, 2022, the MOIT received a request to review the application of anti-dumping measures on the Subject Product from Xingfa group who are manufacturing and exporting Chinese companies.

Thus, oJune 10, 2022, the MOIT issued Decision No. 1149/QD-BCT on the second review of the applying anti-dumping measures to a number of extruded aluminum products originating from China.

Accordingly, the parties should pay attention to a number of expected deadlines as follows:

  • Related party registration: August 10, 2022.
  • Questionnaire issuance: June 24, 2022.

In order to ensure the interests of all organizations and individuals involved in the case, the Department of Trade Protection recommends the following organizations and individuals: register as a stakeholder in the review to access publicly circulated information during the review process, submit comments, information and evidence related to the content of the review; cooperate with the investigating authority in the investigation and review process.