India - New Anti-dumping investigation against Vietnam's Vinyl Tiles

On January 24, 2022, the Directorate General of Trade Remedies of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of New Delhi initiated an antidumping investigation regarding certain Vinyl Tiles products originating from China, Taiwan and Vietnam. 

Specifically, the applicants including Welspun India Limited, Welspun Flooring Limited và Welspun Global Brands Limited have filed a petition and alledged that the dumping of the product under consideration from the subject countries is materially retarding the establishment of the domestic industry in India which started commercial production in September, 2019. 

The product under consideration for the present investigation is "Vinyl Tiles, other than in roll or sheet form". In the market parlance, the product under consideration is known as luxury vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl flooring, stone plastic composite, SPC, PVC flooring tiles, PVC tiles or rigid vinyl tiles, rigid vinyl flooring and in the present petition, has been referred to as Luxury Vinyl Tiles or LVT. Luxury Vinyl Tiles may be with or without the click and lock mechanism. The subject product is under HS code 39181010,39189010,39189020 and 39189090.