When whole teams participate in a worthwhile activity for a good cause, even just for a day, a sense of teamwork is fostered. Pulling together for a common goal, especially when it’s for a charity or community project, enables employees to bond and support each other. Once built, this sense of teamwork can continue back in the workplace with a renewed sense of commitment to one another. Donating to charity isn’t only about money. A properly thought out corporate and social responsibility programme can support charities through the donation of valuable time and skills too.

As a law firm, we're responsible for every dollar we generate and how it's spent. We make choices about the allocation of resources, measured against the return on that investment. And we choose a part of our profit to give and share to others. One of our most prominent activities lately is giving and sharing during the outbreak of covid-19. Several members of ATIM, including our founder, admin and consultants, have joined the volunteer team to help the infected.