The development of environmental programs is more obvious for larger corporate companies but what about the service-based companies, specifically within the consultancy sector? Despite the fact that consulting firms are not directly tied to natural resources, they collectively emit greenhouse gases and consume resources in their day-to-day operations through the usage of materials, energy use and travel.

“Be a part of the solution – Not part of the pollution” is ATIM’s mission up to now. As a consulting firm, ATIM takes seriously our responsibility for environmental sustainability in all business activities. We make a project of involving every ATIM’s members in implementing small changes so that the whole firm is aware of the environmental responsibility, such as:

  • Reduce paper waste;
  • Use recycled papers and toner cartridges during printing;
  • Improve air quality with indoor plants;
  • Turn off all computers, lights and other electrical appliances if not in use;
  • Set up recycling bins in common areas; etc

In addition, it’s our pleasure to serve private, public, and social sector clients across the world on steps they are taking to address climate change. We believe that small changes could result in a better future.

Here at ATIM, we not only serve the legal service but also build a culture of conservation!