Corruption is a severe and worrying problem in any country, since its ramifications are exceedingly serious, posing a serious danger to the country's progress. EU and US are pioneers in the adoption and application of the foreign corrupt practice act.  Regarding Vietnam, the government is also aware of the importance of corruption and are implementing a variety of initiatives and policies targeted at decreasing and eliminating corruption. The Law on anti-corruption No. 55/2005/QH11 was initially issued on November 29, 2005 by the National Assembly, then amended and supplemented in 2007 and 2012. After 10 years of implementing the policies on anti-corruption, the current Law on anti-corruption No. 36/2018/QH14 issued on November 20, 2018 has partly overcome the limitations and inadequacies.

As a consulting firm, ATIM takes responsibility for propagating and encouraging our members to comply with the provisions of the Law on anti-corruption; organizing the implementation of measures to prevent and detect corruption; promptly notifying the competent authority of the corrupt act. In addition, proposing the improvement of policies and laws on anti-corruption is also our obligation. ATIM is dedicated to doing all possible to prevent corruption and promote social and communal values. Furthermore, as members of a consulting firm, we are well aware of the need of advising and thoroughly conveying social responsibility in anti-corruption to our clients, whether they are Vietnamese or foreign businesses.