Restructure organization to cope with changes of laws.

Toshiba Vietnam is ATIM very first client since 2007 till now. Toshiba is among the first Japanese electronic companies presented in Vietnam right after Vietnam open the market. The early foreign direct investment policy encourages the joint venture business model to promote the technology transfer, however this policy has not achieved the policy maker’s objective but created various difficulties. Most of joint ventures in Vietnam facing with internal dispute between the local and foreign parties. The Law on Investment 2005 has removed this requirement and allow the foreign company to hold 100% ownership of the electronic company in Vietnam. In 2006, the joint venture of Toshiba and Vietronics Tan Binh is expired, at that time the Law on Investment 2005 also came into effect. Toshiba had a choice to terminate the joint venture or acquire the shares of Vietronics Tan Binh and turn the company into a 100% foreign own company. The problem is how to maintain the operation with the least impact to the company. ATIM had successfully support Toshiba to move the transition with the following acts:

- negotiate with Vietronics Tan Binh to acquire the shares in the joint venture at the net book value;

- convert the joint venture into a 100% foreign own company and extend the investment term;

- liquidate the redundant employees without any legal impact;

- renew the land lease contract to maintain factory operation;

- renovate all supply chain contracts;

- update all IP rights for the new company.