Reorganizing group of companies for better optimization

Business environment in the world in general has changed quite fast due to the change of technology and competition. Most giant corporation has change to cope with the new situation. Cost cutting and being better optimization was choice of Toshiba operation in Vietnam. Toshiba decided to merge all consumer products including the home appliances and electronics into a single legal entity in 2012. The problem was the two existing companies are located in different province and how to minimize the impact to operation of both companies. ATIM had successfully support Toshiba to execute this complex project with following acts:

- perform the merge project and convert two legal entities into one with a head office located in Ho Chi Minh City and all other branches, representative office nationwide.

- liquidate the redundant employees without any legal impact.

- renew the land lease contract to maintain factory operation;

- renovate all supply chain contracts.

- update all IP rights for the new legal entity.