VSA petitioned the Government to bring a case aganist Indonesia

Vietnam Steel Association (VSA) on November 3, 2014 said that it submitted to the Government a written petition to bring a case against Indonesia before WTO in relation to trade dispute settlement.

Previous to this, the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia on July 7, 2014 has applied trade safeguards to zinc aluminum alloy coated steel sheet (corrugated cold) products imported from other countries, including VN. According to VSA, this application was in violation of WTO rules on the procedures relating to the plaintiff’s right to be informed and to be consulted in the investigation process. In addition, there were certain signs that the Safeguard Trade Commission of Indonesia had failed to comply with conditions for application of trade safeguard measures provided by the Safeguard Agreement, such as: failure to determine threaten to cause serious injury and provide a full analysis of threats of causality between the imported products and injury to the domestic industry ...

VSA believed that the lawsuit will help the galvanized steel industry of Vietnam to prevent the risk of upcoming lawsuits initiated by Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Australia ... This helps simultaneously Vietnamese enterprises to avoid very high taxes imposed by Indonesia in the first of 3 years as up to 150% compared with the sale price of the first year (approximately 430 USD/MT) and decreased approximately 139% in the third year (312 USD/MT).

"Continuation of a case brought before WTO is a warning message of Vietnam’s Government indicating that Vietnamese exporters’ interests are zealously supported by the Government against violations concerning the trade safeguard applied by importing countries”, VSA asserted.