Trade Remedies & Competition

Trade remedies are trade policy tools that allow the Government to take remedial action against imports which are causing material injury to a domestic industry. Such remedies include anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard measures.
Competition is widely recognized as a dynamic for economic development, social and technological improvement. In the current situation of Vietnam’s economy, fair and equal competition takes a fundamental role, ensuring an effective functioning of the market mechanism. For this purpose, the Competition Law governs two major behaviors including competition restrictive acts and unfair competition acts. The competition restrictive acts are including competition-restriction agreement, abuse of the dominant position or a monopoly position on the market and economic concentration. The unfair competition acts are including misleading indications, infringement upon business secrets, constraint in business, discrediting other enterprises, etc and others unfair competition acts.
Trade remedies proceedings and unfair competitive cases are our shaping activities. In Vietnam, ATIM is one of a few firms active in this area of practice. We have been chosen to be the lawyer for the first anti-dumping case in Vietnam where we have played an important and key role for the success of our Clients.
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Pham Le Vinh
Lawyer, Partner