As international agreements have brought down traditional barriers, such as tariff, concern has grown about definitions of what constitute technical barriers to trade tend to be amorphous and can be difficult to apply in practice. Despite of many international initiatives aimed at strengthening compliance with international standards, ensuring standards-related measures are not more trade-restrictive than necessary, and procedures are fair, transparent and equitable, the fact that more arbitrarily regulations are used in some emerging countries as an excuse for protectionism.

With the deep understanding of significant differences in technical requirements, product standards, testing and certification procedures between Vietnam market and international practices, we have supported many Clients who are the biggest manufacturers and exporters of food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and health care products in product registration, specification announcement and being complied with local regulations prior market circulation. 

A major risk may encounter when doing business in Vietnam is the risk of back tax applied by customs authorities if a transfer pricing mistake is detected. We help Clients to avoid and minimize risk as well as to have adaption plans for HS code classification, customs valuation and price control that cover the whole cycle of compliance risk management and business objectives.

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