As from July 1st 2015, private housing ownership applicable to alien organizations and individuals shall be widened


As from July 1st 2015, the Law on Housing No. 65/2014/QH13, adopted    by the 13th National Assembly on November 26th 2014 widens the ownership of houses in Vietnam for alien organizations and individuals as follows:
With respect to subjects: 
  • Foreign-owned enterprises; branch, representative office of alien enterprises; alien investment funds; and branch of an alien bank which have been operating in Vietnam and are issued with investment certificate or other licenses in Vietnam;
  • Alien individuals who are permitted to enter into Vietnam and not exempt from privileges and immunities of diplomatic, consular
With respect to quantity: the foregoing subjects are entitled to:
  • Purchase, hire purchase, donation, inheritance and own not exceeding 30% of the quantity of apartments of an apartment building;
  • As for separate housing (villas, side-by-side housing), the subjects are entitled to purchase, hire purchase, donation, inheritance, own of not exceeding 250 separate housing in an area with a population equivalent to an administrative unit ward.
  • With respect to the area of which the number of population is equivalent to a ward-level administrative unit and where there are a number of apartment blocks and separate housing in a same street, the Government shall specify the quantity of apartments, housing that may be owned by the subjects in the forms of: purchase, hire purchase, donation, inheritance and own.