27/11/2017, 17:36 PM

Summarizing the results of the fourth session of the XIV National Assembly (“National Assembly”), National Assembly Deputy Secretary-General Le Bo Linh said that the fourth session of the National Assembly ended successfully, completed the programmes with many important contents on the law-making; decided important issues of the Country and Supreme Control with the spirit of working seriously and responsibly during the one-month sitting.

In law-making, The National Assembly thoroughly discussed, adopted six laws, debated nine draft laws. The adopted laws are especially important for the Country’s development in the planned fields, public debt management, restructuring the system of credit institutions associated with dealing with bad debts; forestry and fishery development; promoting and reinforcing foreign affairs at present... The adopted laws include: Law on Public Debt Management; Law on the amendment, supplement of several articles of the Law on Credit Institutions; Law on Forest; Law on Fisheries; Law on Plans; Law on the amendment, supplement of several articles of the Law on Representative Offices of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in foreign countries.

The National Assembly debated nine draft laws include: Law on Denunciations (amendment); Law on National Defense (amendment); Law on Cyber information Security; Law on the amendment, supplement of several articles of the Law on Physical Training and Sports; Law on Measurement and Map; Law on Competition (amendment); Law on State Secrets Protection; Law on Anti-Corruption (amendment); Law on Special Administrative-Economic Units. These draft laws continue to improve the Legal System of the socialist regulated market economy, the maintenance of national defense, social security and anti-corruption, human rights, fundamental rights and obligations of citizens.

Considering other important issues, based on the proposals of the Government, the National Assembly thoroughly discussed, considered and adopted the resolution on the feasibility study to acquire land for Long Thanh airport construction and the resolution on investment policy for the construction of some road sections in the eastern route of the North-South Expressway in 2017-2020. The National Assembly requested the Government to implement the project with publicity, transparency, and effectiveness, anti-corruption, waste and negativity in the organization of implementation and management of the project, and at the same time, report the National Assembly on the implementation of the project; give complete information for people to understand the investment policy and its progress. About the delay of the implementation of the program of general education and new textbooks on the Resolution No. 88/2014/QH13 dated 28/11/2014 of the National Assembly on the renovation of general education and textbooks, After carefully considering, the National Assembly agreed to adopt the amended resolution, so the new general education textbooks and programs will be delayed, the deadline for application is at least five years from 2020-2021 for elementary schools, from 2021-2022 for secondary schools and from 2022-2023 for high schools. The National Assembly considered, commented and adopted the resolution on piloting specific policies for the development of Ho Chi Minh City, ensuring compliance with the Constitution of 2013, creating conditions for Ho Chi Minh City is quickly developing, sustainable and worthy of the motive power of the key economic areas of the South, contributing significantly to the national socio-economic development and budget.

On personnel work, the National Assembly approved the proposals of the Prime Minister on the dismissal of Minister of Transport for Truong Quang Nghia and the position of General Inspector of Government for Phan Van Sau; the appointment of Minister of Transport with respect to Mr. Nguyen Van The and the Government Inspector General with respect to Mr. Le Minh Khai. The personnel work at the meeting was conducted strictly, accordance with procedures.

Reviewing the reports on the work of Government agencies, the National Assembly took suitable time to review the reports on the work of the the Chief Justice of the Supreme People’s Court, the President of the Supreme People’s Procuracy; The Government's reports on the prevention of crime and violations of law, the judgment enforcement, anti-corruption. The National Assembly heard and discussed the reports on the settlement of complaints and accusations, dialoguing with local people by the Government, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuracy and the State Audit in 2017. The Congress also took the time to discuss the reports on the Implementation of the National Objective on Gender Equality. This was the first time, the contents of the Implementation of the National Objective on Gender Equality and the settlement of complaints and accusations, dialoguing with local people was discussed in the private conference hall and broadcasted them live.

The National Assembly has carried out the supreme supervision on the subject "The implementation of policies and laws on reform of the administrative apparatus of the state 2011 - 2016". This was a very hot topic, the public and many voters nationwide pay attention to the topic. Based on the monitoring results, the National Assembly passed the resolution on continuing the reform of the state administrative apparatus in a streamlined, effective and efficient manner. The National Assembly proposed that the reform of the administrative apparatus in the coming time must be carried out in a comprehensive and synchronous manner along with the renovation of the political system and the renovation of the political system, closely adhering to the process of reforming the Party's leadership style and attaching importance to the work of reforming administrative procedures, reducing staffs and reforming the salary. At the same time, request the Government to report to the National Assembly on the implementation of this Resolution.