Some Highlights Of The Decree 10/2020 Regulations On Business And Conditions Of Transport Business By Car.

10/02/2020, 15:54 PM

Taxis use the software to book or cancel trips or calculate trip (Cash register software)

  1. The car must have the device connected directly to the passenger to book the car or cancel the trip;
  2. The trip charges are calculated according to the specified distance on the digital map;
  3. The Cash register software must ensure compliance with the provisions of the Law on Electronic transactions; The title interface for passengers must have a name or logo of the enterprise, cooperative business transportation and must provide to the passenger before performing the carriage of minimal contents including: Name of the Transportation business Unit, name of the driver, license plate, itinerary, distance Voyage (km), total amount of passengers pay and phone number to settle customer’s feedback.

End of the trip, enterprise, cooperatives use the Cash register software (via software) electronic invoices of the trip to the passenger, and send the tax authorities the information of the unit before conducting the transport business.

Article 10 of the Decree limits the liability of persons to the transport of goods in the compensation of damaged goods, loss or deficiency, with the following provisions:

  1. Compensation for goods damaged, lost or deprived shall be made in accordance with a contract of carriage or upon agreement between a transport dealer and a freight charterer.
  2. In case of not complying with the provisions of Clause 1 of this Article, complies with a Court or Arbitral award.

On the process of ensuring traffic safety, the decree has the following provisions:

For transport business units: monitoring and monitoring the operation of drivers and vehicles during the operation of the transportation business; Perform the traffic safety condition check of cars and drive the car before making the journey (the Passenger transportation business unit by taxi performs the inspection according to the business production plan of the Unit); Executive regulation on continuous driving time, working time in the driving day; Maintenance Mode repair for automobiles of transport business; Modeof inspection, monitoring of the operation of cars and motorists on the journey (applicable to vehicle business transportation); Transport and traffic safety training for drivers; must have a method to handle when a traffic accident occurs during the transportation business process; Traffic Safety reporting mode for driver, transport operator;