02/01/2020, 11:29 AM

Any product before being released to the market must take the product quality registration step, this step is aimed at affirming the authorities and consumer that it is the quality product. Through the registration of quality of this product, the enterprise can affirm the prestige and create the brand, increase the convenience of the business.


What is product quality?

Product quality is the overall properties of a food product that can be identified and necessary for the control of the authorities, including: sensory indicators; Key quality targets; Quality score standards only; Hygiene standards for chemistry, physics and microorganisms; ingredients and food additives; shelf life and preservation; Packing and packaging material; Labeling content.

What is the publication of food quality?

Publication of quality standards also known as product standards disclosure, or referred to as product disclosure.

According to Decree No. 15/2018/ND-CP of the government - regulatory details enforcement of some investigations of food safety law: disclosure of product standards including self-proclaimed and appropriate disclosure of food safety regulations.

* For processed food packaging; Food additives; Food processing aids; Tools, packaging materials, containing food products (referred to as products) have technical regulations (QCVN) must be declared in accordance with the Declaration and registered in accordance with the competent State agencies before making circulation in the market.

* Products that do not have technical regulations must be published in accordance with Food safety regulations and register the appropriate disclosure of food safety regulations with competent state agencies before making circulation in the market until the Corresponding technical standards are issued and valid.

Required documents for product quality registration

For domestic production products:

  • Certificate of Business Registration (notarized copy)
  • Test results at the standard Measurement Testing Center
  • Product piece

For imported Products:

  • The company's Certificate of Business Registration in Vietnam. (Notarized copy)
  • Certificate of analysis by the manufacturer or the independent inspection Agency of the country of origin
  • Product Sub-labels
  • Product formula
  • Quality inspection slip (home country)
Certificate of Quality of goods (home country)