06/01/2020, 15:45 PM

Legal issues always exist in parallel with the activities of the business, to limit the maximum arising in relation to legal, enterprises need to proactively adhere to and comply with the provisions of the law from the first steps.

The overall picture, generalizing the legal issues surrounding the establishment:

  • Applying for an business registration certificate
    • The deadline for completion of the established procedure is 03 working days from the time of receipt of the records. In case the business registration is denied granted, the establishment will receive a written notification, the notice will include the reason and the request to amend and supplement the profile.
  • Publication of the business registration content
    • After receiving the certificate of bunsiness registration, the business must announce publicly on the national portal for enterprise Registration in order, procedure and subject to charges as prescribed. The content of the publication includes the contents of the Certificate of business registration and the following information:
      • Industry, business lines;
      • The list of shareholders and shareholders is a foreign investor for the joint stock company.
    • The term of publication of the business registration is 30 days from the date the certificate of registration of the enterprise is granted.
  • Carving legal entity seal
    • After being certified enterprise, enterprises need to do the marking of legal entity for enterprises. The contents of the stamp include the following:
      • Business name;
      • Business code.
    • After receiving the legal seal and before using the mark, the business must make a notice of the business seal form to the Business registration Office for public posting on the national registration portal.
    • To avoid when a business that changes another county headquarters must correct the seal, when the business ETTs the seal only to address the city or province, it is not recommended to write both the county address of the business on the legal seal.
  • Notice of seal samples of businesses
    • After receiving notice of stamp form, Business registration Office for business receipt. Business carry out posting of business notice on the national portal for enterprise registration and provide notice on the posting of information about the form Mark of Business, branch, Representative office for the Enterprise.
  • After its establishment, the company also needs to carry out a variety of other types of licenses after establishment such as:
    • Open a bank account
    • Implementing Electronic tax Payment Register
    • Register initial tax Records
    • Vietnam Social Security and Health Insurance for employees in the enterprise.