HCMC: Tighten about tranfer of project

17/10/2018, 16:18 PM

VNSteel – Ho Chi Minh City Metal Corporation, tranfer of real estate project to private enterprise, on the land of 9125 m2, in Phu Thuan Ward, District 7, causing controversy. This company said: after paying 87 million dongs for tax on converting land use to initiate real estate project, enterprise has the right to transfer the real estate project (attached with the land use right), at the price of 102 billion dongs. In essence, the new real estate project is just on paper (estimated capital of 734 billion), the real transaction is 9.125m2 of the land.  This is communal land, enterprise is rented paying annually by government. The transfer of communal land, if at auction, amount of transfer will surely not only 102 billion dongs but also more than that.

At Tan Thuan Construction and Investment Company Limited (100% of caption belongs to Office of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee), this enterprise transferred 32ha of land at Phuoc Kien Commune, Nha Be District to Quoc Cuong Gialai Joint Stock Company at the “give-away” price is only 1,29 million dongs per square meter. (just over 10% of the market price at that time)

Or 5000m2 of land at No. 8 – 12 Le Duan Street, District 1, 4 state – owned enterprises tranfered the right to invest projects for private enterprises with only 200 billion dongs has caused public opinion. In fact, the value of the land was more than trillions, but it was transferred to the private sector for only 200 billion dongs (in the form of transfer of investment rights).

Government inspectors said that the land has a special advantage on trade, if the successful auction will receive more than 2000 billion dong to budget. The transfer of investment rights did not auction the plot, causing the budget lost a trillion.

HCM People's Committee tightened the transfer of the project showed a positive shift from the government. HCM People's Committee also asked relevant departments to propose the best solution, to strictly control the transfer of projects, avoid negative ... The tightening of the transfer of the project in any form aimed at the interests of organizations, also contributed to the state not to lose budget revenues.

Moreover, it also helps the authorities to inspect and supervise all stages of project transfers and to clarify the process of auctioning, public procurement of land and assets is getting better and better from a financial perspective to a state management perspective.

Source: cafef.vn