26 July 2018 marked a significant milestone in our history and journey to pursue the vision of becoming an international business law firm in Vietnam. Beside the ASEAN LAW Conference in Singapore, we ...
31/07/2018, 17:15 PM
Sáng ngày 21/5/2018, Quốc hội khóa XIV đã khai mạc Kỳ họp thứ 5. Theo chương trình, Quốc hội sẽ làm việc trong thời gian 20 ngày và họp phiên bế mạc vào ...
21/05/2018, 16:48 PM
ATIM LAW FIRM were selected as an advisor by the beginning of 2017 to advise and support BSR in reviewing, standardizing and improving all internal rules/processes/procedures and samples of ...
22/03/2018, 13:40 PM
During past 10 years (2007 - 2017), ATIM kept track on its vision to become the International Business Law Firm step by step. In the upcoming 10 years, ATIM continues to perform its mission “to be ...
07/12/2017, 13:34 PM
The Business Registration Management Department organized a workshop to gather problems and proposals for amendments and supplements with respect to the contents of the Decree No.78/2015/ ND-CP.
29/10/2017, 17:29 PM
This is the first time ATIM Law Firm has set up a team building trip in Quang Binh to explore the Tu Lan cave system.
17/08/2017, 08:58 AM
Judicial Academy is cooperating with Vietnam Business Lawyers Club (VBLC) to organize the PPP Workshop on August 04th, 2017
01/08/2017, 11:58 AM