Circular 32/2019 Regulation On Cosmetic Management

12/02/2020, 15:46 PM

Circular 32/2019 amendments and additions to Clause 4, Article 4 Circular No. 01/2011/TT-BYT of the Minister of Health regulated on the management of cosmetics.


Accordingly, clause 04 of article 04 of the circular 06/2011 has the following amendments and additions:

"4. Certificate of free sales (CFS):

  1. In case of publication of cosmetic products imported from countries not members of CPTPP, CFS must meet the following requirements.
  • CFS due to the export of cosmetics to Vietnam are the original, still valid. In case of CFS not stated, it must be a grant within 24 months from the date of the grant.
  • CFS must be legally regulated in accordance with the law, unless exempted from consular justice under international treaties for which Vietnam is a member.
  • The CFS must have a minimum of information pursuant to article 36 of the Law on Foreign Trade Administration and clause 03, article 10 of the NHK No. 69/2018/ND-CP on 15 May 2018 of the government regulations detailing some things of the law on Foreign trade Management.
  1. In case of publication of cosmetic products which are circulating and exported from the Member States OF CPTPP (CPTPP member is any particular State or customs territory to which the CPTPP agreement has been approved and effective), there are NO CFS."

In conclution, CPTPP member countries want to import cosmetic products into Vietnam will not need to have CFS.