ATIM and JT&N cooperate to deliver an intergrated service regarding Trade Remedies Investigations in Vietnam and China

06/11/2018, 12:00 PM

As of 30th October 2018, ATIM's partner was on a work excursion to Beijing. This visit was in the cooperation with a leading law firm based in China – JT&N. For being one of the leading law firm in nation and locale, JT&N is presently spanning over nine offices across China with in excess of 700 legal counselors. They have consistently been perceived as standout amongst the most dynamic law firm in the field of International Trade and Investment. In Vietnam, JT&N and ATIM has been associalted as of recently focusing on the area of trade remedies, and in a scope  of a key accomplice  to share experience and resources devision with respect to such law cases initiated by Vietnam.