12/11/2017, 13:10 PM

In a world of turbulent globalization and dynamically developing Asia-Pacific, APEC is facing interwoven opportunities and challenges. As host of APEC 2017, Vietnam is working with its member economies to make APEC leaders' commitments a reality and bring APEC closer to the people and the business community and realizing the strategic vision for the comprehensive and sustainable development of the 21st Asia-Pacific region.

In the spirit of constructive cooperation, for the sake of the parties, with the motto of "Creating new dynamics, fostering shared futures," leaders of APEC economies discuss issues of Orientation, as follows:

First, creating a comprehensive, innovative and sustainable growth engine for member economies.

Second, promoting trade and investment liberalization; strengthening regional connectivity and the results achieved through the implementation of the Bogor Goals up to 2020; deepening regional connectivity and integration, moving towards the establishment of FTAAP to strengthen trade and investment flows in the Asia-Pacific, and fostering links between APEC member economies.

Third, strengthening of APEC's leading role in global economic governance and responding to challenges.

Fourth, discussing the necessary plans for a strategic vision beyond 2020.

In the second issue, the APEC Foreign Ministers' Meeting 2017 adopted a series of important APEC 2017 milestones. One of them was the Trade Facilitation Framework border crossings in APEC.

The cross-border e-commerce facilitation framework in APEC focuses on five pillars of work including the finalization and harmonization of the e-commerce legal framework of APEC economies to facilitate cross-border e-commerce, regional non-paper trade and addressing new and cross-border issues in cross-border e-commerce.


Source: TTXVN – Dan Tri