LL.B (Ho Chi Minh City Economics and Law University, 2013)

    LL.M Candidate (Ho Chi Minh City Economics and Law University, 2017)


    Corporate & Investment

    Direct Selling Business


    Associate of ATIM LAW FIRM (Since 2015)

    Legal Assistant of ATIM LAW FIRM (2013- 2014)

    Assistant Legal Advisor (2014-present, American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City Chapter, Direct Selling Committee)

    Hanh is recognized as a lawyer with an outstanding record of scientific achievement. She graduated summa cum laude at the top of her class in 2013 and has furthered her education since 2014. She also passed the Vietnam Bar Examination in 2017 with the highest score among nearly 900 examinees nationwide. Her research interests and practical experience broadly concern the following: trade liberalization and remedies, foreign investment, direct selling (multi-level marketing), legal precedent, and the economic analysis of law.

    Throughout her career of providing professional advice for more than 40 foreign investors and companies up to June 2017, Hanh has proved herself a sharp and dedicated counselor who possesses an acute sense of problem-solving, a calm demeanor, and keen eyes for details. She has become the go-to person for numerous Clients, especially top-tier FDI direct selling companies who seek out her legal advice on a daily basis. As for major projects such as start-up, expansion, downsizing, and business model conversion, Hanh has always demonstrated her great commitment and delivered great results.

    Remark Experience:

    Perform a legal audit for a 100% FDI direct selling company with the audit scope covering 08 categories of compliance (multi-level sale, corporate affairs, protection of consumers' interests, E-commerce, products registration and circulation, advertising and promotion, labor, and periodic report regime) (2014)

    Provide comprehensive advice on capital increase, business lines specification, deposit payment, and a host of new corporate conditions for doing business via multi-level sale method; thoroughly review a full set of multi-level sale documents (Distributor Agreement, Sales Compensation Plan, Code of Conduct, Policies and Procedures); and successfully re-register for the entire multi-level sale activity of four 100% FDI direct selling companies upon complete law reform (2014- 2015)

    Successfully advise and assist a 100% FDI company in taking over the entire multi-level sale activity, including the Distributor network, of a 100% Vietnamese invested company upon the merger between the two companies (2015)

    Successfully advise and assist three 100% FDI direct selling companies in extending their investment project duration to the maximum duration allowed by the law (2016-2017)

    Successfully advise and assist a 49%-foreign-owned logistics company in dealing with its Belgian investor's dividend repatriation (2016-2017)