Dispute Settlement

The parties who involved in any commercial dispute may face with the risk on commercial disruption, loss of reputation, exhausted and costly court case, and/or international arbitration proceeding. However, when dispute is unavoidable, our role is to decide on the most suitable mode of dispute resolutions and provide objective and practical alternative guidance to our Clients to help them solve it in the most time and cost efficient manner as possible. We also provide representational assistance for our Clients in reaching best settlement out-of-court dispute in order to balance their objectives against legal, commercial and reputational risks.
Our service includes:
  • Mediation: reviewing relevant contracts and documents, advising possible courses of action, appropriate approach and negotiating with relevant parties before initiating the legal proceeding;
  • Legal representation: representing Clients before courts, arbitrators and/or local authorities;
  • Enforcement of court or arbitration’s award.
Team leader:
Truong Cong Huy
Lawyer, Senior Associate