Corporate & Investment

The legal framework in Vietnam for investment initially set up in early 1980s has basically created safety for the business community in general and the foreign investor community in particular. Although Vietnam has published various policies on investment encouragement, there are still various hidden procedures and barriers that make the investment slow, high cost and/or become infeasible.

Vietnam has joined WTO since 2007 and most of legal frame works have been changed to adapt with WTO regulations. However, there are still big challenges for business community caused by the discrimination of local and foreign companies and poor State management.

Understanding thoroughly those concerns, difficulties and risks, ATIM’s leading advisors who have been involved in the FDI, ODA, PPP, M&A projects for a long time are committed to:
  • Assist investors in satisfying international and local investment conditions to carry out their projects in Vietnam;
  • Advise on tax implication and all of investment incentives applicable to investors;
  • Bring our wealth of experience to confront transfer-pricing, determination of customs valuation.
We help Clients to improve their financial situation from tax perspective. The purpose of tax planning is to discover how to accomplish all of the other elements of a financial plan in the most tax-efficient manner possible. Tax planning thus allows the other elements of a financial plan to interact more effectively by minimizing tax liability. We also help Clients to resolve tax issues in numerous transactions and liability challenges from tax authorities.
Team Leader
Nguyen Thanh Hien
Lawyer, Partner